Acupuncture, on zon su and other principles of Taoism

Welcome to our site.

Here is possible to follow many courses about taoist practices: acupuncture, on zon su, cupping, moxibustion, tao of sex, chi kung, taoist dietology, taoist phytotherapy.

The three special features of our school are:

  • Everything that can be taught through web lessons, it will be organized by our teachers in very easy lessons that you will follow at your convenience. In this way the amount of money and time involved by the students, will decrease.

  • Nothing can take the place of living in the matter what has been studied only in theory. That is why in every course we dedicate a special time for practice, in which the students will be taught how to apply the specific tecnique studied. Beautiful places will be chosen to live these full immersion parts of the courses, so that the students will be helped by the natural environment.

  • In the Academy those who want it, can follow other courses to deepen their knowledge of the Principles of the Tao, since every aspect of it, is related with the others.

And now, good navigation in our site.